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Remarks by Secretary Hagel Over the 1 MC Onboard the USS Vella Gulf, Contanta, Romania


Location: Unknown

Good morning everyone, this is Secretary Hagel.

I wanted to thank you, first of all, for your service to our country. To the skipper and all of you who make this happen, we're proud of you and we're proud of your families. We're grateful for what you're doing at a very important time in the world, in particular this mission that you're on - where you are today as we partner with the Romanians, our NATO allies, at a troubling time in this region in the world, is really defining. And your role in all this is not only appreciated but it's as essential as it's ever been and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of all of you.

The president of the United States is proud of you and I also want to compliment you in particular regarding the shape of this grand ship. This is tip top. That's coming from an old Army sergeant, so I know my ships. You know that. I am very impressed with what you do and this ship and the leadership and I know you're proud of each other and what you're doing. So I wish you well. Take care of yourselves and again, give my best regards and thanks to your families.

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