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Letter to Sloan Gibson, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Regarding 2011 Death at New Orleans VA Hospital


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Acting Secretary Gibson:

It has recently come to my attention that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is withholding information from one of my constituents regarding her deceased father, Richard Ian Moity, who served in the U.S. Navy for 14 years. According to his daughter, Gwen Moity Nolan, Mr. Moity was waiting for critical care at the Veterans health care facility in New Orleans, Louisiana when he died.

I met Gwen at my town hall meeting in New Orleans last week on Friday, May 30, 2014, where she explained the gross negligence her father experienced at the hospital before he passed away in 2011. She described the medical treatment as poor, and that her father's doctor had a terrible attitude and once failed to show up at the hospital for almost a week.

The VA told Ms. Nolan that an investigation into her father's care was conducted and that they found fault in their system. She has requested to see the results of that investigation, and has been denied. I think it's incredibly important for Ms. Nolan, and quite frankly all of the veterans receiving care -- or lack thereof -- in the New Orleans facility, to have access to this information.

The VA also told Ms. Nolan that they have "fixed the system" that failed her father, but have failed to explain any "fixes" they have made. In light of the VA's persistence to withhold this information from her, I respectfully request that you respond immediately with the following two items:

1.) The results of the investigation conducted by the VA regarding the care and the negligence of the doctor who was treating Richard Ian Moity.
2.) A detailed outline of how the problems that led to the death of Mr. Moity have been fixed.

The VA system is no place for negligence, and it's completely unacceptable to provide anything but quality care for our veterans who served to protect our nation and our freedom. Since you have assumed leadership of the VA, you need to take charge and stop this widespread crisis, and you can start by providing me with this requested information.


David Vitter
United States Senator

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