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Governor Christie: You'd Be Making My Day

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Jackie: I've been through an awful lot and I'm finally, finally coming out of the worst situations. I'm part of the RREM program and I'm very thankful for that first half because I can't tell you, I couldn't afford it any other way. My home is being started, I'm hoping to get the second half. Governor Christie you've helped me, I passed out in your arms for god sakes at one point. And if I could give you some hope, I was in your shoes. It was a year and a half ago crying my eyes out here. And it took the year and a half and I had to claw and I had to use my nails and struggle but there's hope now. Like I said there's hope. I'm still in the building process and I'm waiting for my second half but I'm thankful.

Governor Christie: Well thank you, Jackie.

Jackie: I would like, and I know you're a very busy man, but when my home is done if you would honor me by coming down.

Governor Christie: Absolutely.

Jackie: Thank you.

Governor Christie: It's gratifying to see all the work that you talk about sitting in offices in Trenton and traveling around the state actually get done. So you would be doing me an honor and you'd be making my day by letting me come and see something that actually got done. And I remember, I remember holding on to you, you scared me. Nineteen stairs that's fine, I understand that's the new exercise program at the Jersey Shore after elevation, right? Nineteen stairs it's okay, I'll keep getting smaller. I keep walking up those stairs, that'll be good.

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