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Governor Christie: We Can Celebrate Our Successes While Solving Our Problems


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Governor Christie: When I go out and I do those tours and I tell people "Come to the Jersey Shore, we're ready to receive you' and all the rest, invariably when I'm walking on the boardwalk, whether it's Wildwood or Ocean City, whether it was in Point Pleasant or in Seaside or in Asbury Park, I'll have some people come up to me who are still having problems. Who still aren't back in their homes. And they'll say to me, "Governor, how can you talk about the good things that are happening when I still haven't gotten back at home, when my problem still isn't fixed?' And I really believe with all due respect that we have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We cannot wait until every problem is solved to celebrate the successes that we've had in solving problems, because we have a $40 billion tourism industry, everybody, that does a lot to support this state and its people. And if I keep walking around while every problem still isn't solved with a kind of dour look on my face saying, "Well, ok, we haven't solved all of the problems, yet, but come to New Jersey cause, you know, why not?' You know, it's not the most welcoming thing to do, you know? So, I have to be able to do both. But, what I want those folks who are still experiencing problems, who still aren't back at home to understand is that when I say those things, it does not mean for a moment that I have forgotten about you. I mean, the main reason I ran for re-election was this, was I didn't want to leave while this was unfinished. It happened on my watch. And I want it to be concluded on my watch.

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