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Governor Dayton Signs Minnesota Jobs Bill, Tax Relief Bill into Law

Press Release

Location: St. Paul, MN

Governor Mark Dayton today signed into law two major pieces of legislation that will create an estimated 33,000 new jobs1 and provide tax relief to nearly a million Minnesotans. The first bills (Chapter 294, HF2490 and Chapter 295, HF1068) -- together known as the Minnesota Jobs Bill -- invest $1.17 billion in critical infrastructure projects across Minnesota and create tens of thousands of new jobs. The second bill (Chapter 308, HF3167) signed today by Governor Dayton provides an additional $103 million in tax relief to middle class families, farmers, veterans, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Governor Dayton and the Legislature enacted $550 million in tax relief this session helping over 2 million middle class Minnesotans.

"We provided $550 million in tax relief for Minnesota citizens and businesses," said Governor Dayton. "These tax savings will put more money in the pockets of over 2 million middle-class Minnesotans and benefit thousands of businesses across our state."

More information about who will benefit from the second tax relief bill is available on the Governor's website.

"Governor Dayton and this legislature have worked together to build on Minnesota's momentum and we have made progress on the priorities that matter to Minnesotans," said Speaker Paul Thissen. "Our economy is growing, our budget is stable, we have cut taxes for middle-class Minnesotans, and we are investing in bread-and-butter priorities that will provide greater economic security for the middle-class. Minnesota is on the right track and together we are building a brighter future."

"Today, Governor Dayton signed two more bills that will cut taxes and put thousands of women and men to work on public infrastructure projects," said Assistant Majority Leader Sieben. "Whether you're a homeowner or a renter, a working mother or a college student, we want to create more opportunities for Minnesotans to live well and enhance their economic security."

In addition to tax relief, Governor Dayton today signed a Minnesota Jobs Bill that will fund critical infrastructure improvements across Minnesota -- projects that will create an estimated 33,000 new jobs and build on the state's continued economic growth.

"These projects will put thousands of Minnesotans to work across our state," said Governor Dayton. "Many of them are crucial to revitalizing downtown business centers, modernizing MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, and improving parks, roads, and local infrastructure."

More information about the Minnesota Jobs Bill is available on the Governor's website, including details on investments in:

Regional Civic Centers and Downtown Improvements

Roads and Bridges

Environmental and Clean Water Infrastructure

Higher Education Institutions

State Capitol Restoration

Affordable Housing

The Governor today also signed a supplemental budget bill (Chapter 312, HF3172) into law that makes new investments in broadband infrastructure, provides additional education funding for every school district, ensures no student is denied a healthy lunch in Minnesota schools, and improves railway safety statewide.

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