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Governor Christie: Our Job Is Not Only To Give A Home, But Hope


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Governor Christie: We hope that this serves as a model for the rest of the state. Atlantic County often does. And I think in this instance they will again. And that this is the type of thing that should be going on throughout the state of New Jersey in a way that will really help more and more people and also make sure that we give real assurance to the folks across the state who pay taxes that we're using their money to truly help those most in need and to do it in a way that's efficient and effective for them. That's the secondary but good point that we want to try to achieve but the primary point is to make sure that we try to change some lives. We won't help everyone. We never can. But every life that we change is an individual miracle for that person in their lives to get the substance abuse treatment that they need to become a productive member of society again, to get the healthcare that they need to be able to get back on their feet, to be able to have that bridge that gets them over really difficult times so that they can get a job again, work to help support themselves and their families. Don't underestimate how miraculous that is in that person's life. Because when they see the folks from this Alliance first, they're often if not at the lowest point in their lives, very close. And many of them are not only homeless but they're hopeless. Our job is not only to get them a home but is to restore their hope and if we can do that then what we've done here in Atlantic County by putting this together will be a model for the rest of the state and for the country.

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