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House Holds Lerner In Contempt


Location: Unknown

Today, the House of Representatives passed a resolution finding Lois Lerner, a former senior IRS official, in contempt of Congress.

In the debate, I stated that Lois Lerner has held the Congress of United States in contempt by not complying with the investigation. She has held the electoral process, which is so sacred to this country, in contempt. Lois Lerner has held the American people and the process, which they cherish, in contempt as the American chief financial agency, the IRS, was used as a tool to manipulate a national election.

Ms. Lerner has twice had the opportunity to come before Congress and to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

From the information revealed to date, Ms. Lerner purposefully gagged conservative groups and attempted to manipulate the outcome of the 2012 national election. Other IRS employees said of Lerner that they were not only thrown under the bus, but were thrown under a convoy of Mack trucks. This was a targeted, directed, and focused attempt to undermine our electoral process and every road leads to Lois Lerner. Be assured that I fully intend to hold the IRS and the Administration accountable for this and other breaches of the public trust.

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