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GOP Weekly Address: Roby, Colleagues Call on Senate to Act on House Passed Bills

Press Release

Location: Unknown

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) joined House colleagues to call on the Senate to act on several House-passed measures to boost the economy and help working families in the Weekly Republican Address.

Rep. Roby specifically highlighted her bill, the Working Families Flexibility Act, which passed the House one year ago. The bill, which remains stalled in the Senate, would allow the commonly-used government employee benefit of "comp time" to be utilized in the private sector.

H.R. 1406 amends the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to allow private sector employers to offer their employees the choice of paid time off, or "comp time," in lieu of cash wages for overtime. Congress amended the law to allow "comp time" for government workers in 1985, but the benefit is still prohibited in the private sector.

A working mom or dad could use the "time and a half" overtime he or she earned as actual paid "time and a half" off work instead of cash, if that's what they'd rather have. Under Rep. Roby's bill, no worker could ever be forced to take paid time off, just like no business owner would be forced to offer it. The bill does not change the 40-hour workweek or how overtime pay is calculated. The same protections that have been a part of labor law for decades remain.

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