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Public Statements

Remarks on Moldova

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, with Russian-backed militants creating chaos in Ukraine, neighboring Moldova has put their forces on high alert.

Moldova and Ukraine share a similar problem of breakaway states within their borders. In fact, there is evidence that Russian forces located in the Transnistria region of Moldova have been involved in the recent violence seen in Odessa, Ukraine.

Moldova, just like Ukraine, wishes for a better relationship with their European neighbors, but could see its attempts to cement friendships undermined by pro-Russian provocateurs.

We should make it clear that any effort to undermine Moldova's sovereignty will not be tolerated. Last week, I introduced a bipartisan resolution that calls on this House to support Moldovan independence and oppose aggression by the Russian Federation.

It is clear that Vladimir Putin will take advantage of any sign of weakness. We need to display strength on behalf of our friends in the region, engage them, and support their right to defend the independent Republic of Moldova from aggressive actions.

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