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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Believing in the Abilities of Others


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Reaching our potential as a state requires we believe in the abilities of others. That was the theme of this year's annual Governor's Prayer Breakfast -- one of our state's most significant gatherings of community leaders, where we were inspired by remarks from Dr. Anthony Glenn, head of the Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities.

We all trust in the abilities of others in our daily lives to strengthen ourselves and our society --educators who teach us; first responders who keep us safe; spiritual leaders who guide us. But we also have a fundamental responsibility to ensure everyone among us knows that someone believes in them -- because everyone has something to offer.

As one historic religious leader said: "Do not disdain any person… for there is no person who does not have his or her hour." People come to us in all types of appearances, and sometimes their ability to contribute is dismissed cavalierly to the detriment of all of us. It happens regularly, such as in the case of people with disabilities.

Businesses like CAI in Delaware are helping to change attitudes by training people with autism to fill IT jobs, recognizing that these workers have the special talents necessary to improve the company's bottom line. The global company SAP has also committed to employing people with autism as part of its IT workforce, while raising awareness about their potential. We need this type of effort to transform mindsets about many underserved communities. We can all play a role, whether it's by addressing hiring practices at your company, or serving as a mentor to a disadvantaged young person in your community. By taking the leap of faith to believe that we all have unique strengths and abilities, we'll keep Delaware moving forward.

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