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Governor Christie on American Dream: No Longer The Ugliest Damn Building In America


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Well thank you everybody. I saw Nader Ghermezian backstage before we came out and I told him I didn't think that I was actually going to have to get reelected to see this construction start but he put and everyone in this project has put us all through our paces. But today is a great day most particularly for the men and women you see standing behind me, because what today's project announcement means is jobs, jobs for them, jobs for their families, jobs for people here in New Jersey. So I want to thank everyone who's here, all of the partners, Triple Five, the MetLife sports complex teams, the Sports Authority, and others for working together in a diligent manner to get to this moment, and we wouldn't be here without the world-class men and women in the building trades who you see represented behind me. The quality of their work is the best in the world and will make American Dream an example to people from all over the country about what skilled New Jersey labor is all about. It's a project that's going to bring thousands of jobs as I said in full-time employment to the area after the construction jobs are done and will be an engine of economic growth for the entire region. And I know because Nader promised me this four years ago. One of the first projects is going to be getting that ugly outside of this building the hell off the side of the building. Right Nader, we're getting that off? Excellent. Good, good. So thank you all for being here today. It's an important day for New Jersey. I'm so glad that we've been able to work through what has been a really long, arduous, and at times maddening process to get to this day but it's all about the result, and the result is going to be good for the working men and women of New Jersey. It's going to be good for the economy of Bergen County and the entire state and it's going to be good for all of the people who get to come here and get to enjoy what will be a truly unique and special experience.

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