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Governor Christie: 98% Money On Resettlement Is Now Out The Door


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Ninety-eight percent of the money on resettlement and helping people resettle is now out the door. We are making significant progress in that and it's getting better all the time. You know distribution of Sandy funding in the Homeowner Resettlement Program is nearing completion, the 215 million dollar program there. That's the program that provides eligible Sandy homeowners with 10,000 dollar grants to incentivize them to stay in their homes. Nearly all that money has now been distributed. We've sent checks now to 18,200 people of the 18,500 people who applied. And so, nearly all that money has now been distributed and everybody who has applied has gotten that check, short of 300 families left. Ninety eight percent of that has been processed, mailed out, and in the hands of people and we're happy that we've been able to do that. 1,339 Brick residents have received those grants totaling over 13 million dollars, 73 homeowners here in Brick have signed the RREM Program grant awards totaling nearly 7.5 million dollars here in Brick. Brick residents have received nearly 27 million dollars in FEMA individual assistance and Brick also received a 5 million dollar loan from FEMA under the Community Disaster Recovery Loan Program to help them with the individual expenses in town. And so here in Brick and across the state people are being helped.

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