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Scalise Supports Bill to Save American Workers


Location: Washington, DC

RSC Chairman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after supporting the Save American Workers Act of 2014, a bill to repeal the 30 hour threshold under the Obamacare employer mandate.

"President Obama's health care law includes perverse incentives that are forcing hard-working taxpayers to have their work week reduced below 30 hours," Scalise said. "This part of Obamacare has resulted in 25 percent less take home pay for millions of American workers, including many employees in New Orleans' world-renowned restaurants. We must reverse the devastating impacts that Obamacare is having on families across America.

"President Obama has twisted and bent his health care law through more than 20 different delays in an effort to minimize the political damage in an election year. Every one of the Administration's unilateral delays is a tacit admission that the President's health care law is unworkable and has failed to meet the promises that were made to help get it passed. While the President and Senate Democrats continue their minimum wage push, they turn a blind eye to the devastation of their own health care law. I'm proud to support this common-sense measure today to restore the 40 hour work week and bolster our economy.

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