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Blog: NABI Offers Greater Opportunities for All Through American Manufacturing


Location: Unknown

At NABI's headquarters in Anniston, Alabama, workers are building state-of-the-art transit buses that help millions of Americans connect with their jobs. What they do is important not only for Anniston, but for the entire country.

This morning, I saw for myself the great work they do to provide transit agencies throughout the nation with new, reliable, fuel-efficient buses. I even got to see some buses that are destined for WMATA in Washington, DC -- so one day soon I might get to ride one.

But in addition to building a great product, NABI also is creating jobs in manufacturing, one of America's most crucial industries.

At DOT, we're supporting manufacturing jobs like these by providing cities with Federal Transit Administration funding to order buses from facilities like this one. Thanks in part to the support we give those communities, NABI has hired 200 new workers as a result of their increased orders. In fact, their need for welders is so great that they started their own internal training program for employees to transition to that role.

Across America, this is transit's time. Last year, Americans took 10.7 billion trips by public transportation, the most since 1956.

The multi-year transportation bill we're out here promoting will increase investments in transit to keep pace with growing demand. And, as NABI shows us, our bill will create good jobs in America's manufacturing sector, too.

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