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Pitts: Courts Abandoned Terri's Humanity on an Issue of Legality

Location: Washington, DC

Pitts: Courts abandoned Terri's humanity on an issue of legality
March 23, 2005

Schiavo nurse: Terri spoke, interacted with medical staff

Washington - Congressman Joe Pitts (R, PA-16) issued the following statement in response to the decisions of two federal courts in the Schiavo case:

"We asked the courts to take a new look at Terri's case," said Congressman Pitts, "and they obviously have not done this. Instead, they have abandoned her humanity over an issue of legality. No person's right as a husband or friend or family member is more sacred than an individual's right to live, certainly not when a husband's actions are as morally questionable as Mr. Schiavo's in this case.

"Terri is alive. She is not on a respirator, reacts to people and did nothing wrong. These rulings only heighten my concern for the value we place on the disabled in this country. Terri's is a life worth living and worth defending. That's why this is a most disturbing death sentence," said Congressman Pitts.


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