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Save American Workers Act of 2014

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank my friend from Pennsylvania for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of this legislation.

Of course, President Obama's own health care law has now resulted in the direct loss of work for millions of people across this country. One of the perverse incentives in ObamaCare actually forces employers through incentives in the law to drop the number of hours that their employees work. This isn't something employees want, and it is not something employers want; yet it is directly there in the law where you get penalized--you actually get fined by the IRS--if you are not doing this. When you talk about these impacts of the law, it is having devastating impacts on families across this country. The President was talking about the minimum wage. The President has literally forced a 25 percent pay cut for millions of Americans through his incentive in the law that is encouraging employers to drop their workforce hours below 40 hours a week to 30 hours and 28 hours a week.

I represent parts of the city of New Orleans. Some of the best restaurants in the world are in the city of New Orleans. We love going to those restaurants, and so many people from all over the world love going to those restaurants, but many of those restaurant owners tell me that they love their workforces, that they love the employees who work for them. They are like family businesses. Yet they are being forced because of this law to drop the hours of those workers below 30 hours.

There is no reason for this, Mr. Speaker. This bill fixes this problem.

President Obama and the White House said, Hey, look. This is a burden for poor workers. This is freeing them up to do things that they really want to do--as if people don't want to be working. One of the things they said is that you could go sit in a park and write poetry. These people don't want to be sitting in a park, writing poetry, at 2 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon. They want to be at their jobs, working, and the law doesn't let them do that.

Let's fix this. We can get this economy moving again. These are crazy policies, like this component of ObamaCare that literally forces people to be dropped below 30 hours to address some new definition of ``part-time worker'' and ``full-time worker.''

These are the kinds of policies that are devastating American families. This is what we are here to fix. We need to pass this bill, fix this problem and get people back to work so they don't have to sit on a park bench on a Thursday afternoon, and they can actually be at their jobs, working.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gentleman from Pennsylvania has 11 minutes remaining, and the gentleman from Washington has 8 minutes remaining.


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