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Congressman Young Votes to Protect American Workers At Risk of Reduced Hours and Lost Wages

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The House of Representatives today passed bipartisan legislation to reduce the impact the Affordable Care Act has on millions of American workers who may suffer reduced hours and lost wages due to the redefinition of full-time employment within the law. H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers (SAW) Act, would repeal the new 30-hour definition of full time employment in Obamacare and replace it with the standard 40-hour definition as it applies to the employer mandate. Congressman Young, a cosponsor of the legislation, released this statement following House passage by a margin of 248-179.

"Today, my colleagues and I worked to minimize the number of Americans caught in Obamacare's growing web," said Congressman Don Young. "Millions of Americans are at risk of seeing their hours reduced and wages lost because of this redefinition of full-time employment. This one provision within Obamacare will force countless American business owners, at risk of financial penalty, to reduce their employees' hours by more than 25 percent in order to avoid a staggering $2,000 per employee penalty for business with 50 or more employees. Without this legislative fix to the artificial definition of full time employment, more and more businesses will cut hours and place close to 2.6 million Americans in jeopardy."

"I believe Congress must repeal the President's healthcare bill and start over with legislation that works to address our troubling healthcare system, or at the very least eliminate the employer mandate. However, President Obama has made it clear he would veto any such efforts. Restoring the 40 hour work week definition for full time employees is a commonsense step, supported by both Republicans and Democrats, which will spare millions of Americans and countless business owners from the crushing effects of the law. I urge the Senate to consider this small reform because it's the right thing to do, no matter your opinion of the healthcare law."

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