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Gingrey seeks to reduce out-of-date regulations on gun dealer

Location: Washington, DC

Gingrey seeks to reduce out-of-date regulations on gun dealer

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey introduced the Firearm Commerce Modernization Act in the House yesterday, legislation to reduce regulatory burdens on federally licensed dealers.

"New background check technology has made it safe and easy for dealers to sell firearms at gun shows and other locations," said Gingrey. "We need to update current regulatory law to reflect these changes. National databases and instant background check technology let dealers engage in new business without undercutting the safeguards that keep guns out of the hands of criminals."

The legislation would update current law to:

Allow licensed dealers to sell their merchandise at gun shows as if it were their place of business, so long as the transaction complies with all state laws including criminal background checks.

Allow federally licensed dealers to sell all types firearms over the counter to out of state dealers, so long as the sale complied with the laws of both states. Currently, only long guns - like shotguns and rifles - may be sold in this manner; handguns transactions must occur via mail. Changing this regulation would result in fewer firearms lost in the mail.

"This legislation is business and consumer friendly," said Gingrey. "Sales will increase as dealers have more freedom and opportunity to sell their products. Buyers will pay reduced out of state transfer frees, which currently can cost up to $1,500. At the same time, my legislation works with the federal background check system to make sure firearms stay out of the hands of convicted felons. It's a win/win bill."

The Firearm Commerce Modernization Act has 15 co-sponsors, and is identical to legislation introduced by Congressman Gingrey in the 108th Congress.

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