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Katyn Massacre Remembrance

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. KAPTUR. Madam Speaker, I rise today to mark the Katyn Annual Remembrance at the National Katyn Memorial in Baltimore, Maryland.

This Sunday, April 6, Polish Americans and other liberty lovers will gather at the National Katyn Memorial after a remembrance Mass is said at the Holy Rosary Church in honor of the victims of the Katyn massacre.

In 1940, the Soviet secret police were directed by dictator Joseph Stalin to systematically murder over 22,000 of Poland's most important leaders, including military officers, religious leaders, educators, and intellectuals, in and around the Katyn Forest in Russia.

In 1951, a U.S. House of Representatives select committee was tasked with conducting an investigation into the Katyn genocide, and it concluded that the Soviets were responsible for this mass murder.

In 2010, after decades of denial and despite protests from its Communist members, the Russian Parliament approved a statement that ultimately acknowledged Stalin's complete responsibility in perpetrating these heinous crimes.

While we honor the memory of the Polish victims of Katyn at this time every year, it is especially important this year as Eastern Europe, Crimea, and Ukraine once again face the illegal aggression of their territorial sovereignty from Russia and its leader.

Let the world of nations continue to work in conjunction with the Polish government and with victims' families to uncover the complete truth of what happened at the Katyn Forest and nearby killing fields. Our world holds a moral obligation to honor the victims and to reveal the whole truth to enlighten future generations.

Madam Speaker, history must record fully these mass crimes against humanity, and it must heal the fissures of tyranny to prevent such grave atrocities into the future.

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