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Public Statements - Congressman LoBiondo Sponsors Veterans Enrollment Clinic

News Article

Location: Vineland, NJ

By Bobby Liga

In Vineland, Congressman Frank LoBiondo is doing everything he can to make sure veterans receive the healthcare benefits they deserve.

"Thank you for your service," but LoBiondo says that small token of gratitude is not enough.

"The real way the nation can say thank you, is to make sure that every one of them are receiving the benefits that they've earned," says LoBiondo.

And that's why LoBiondo is sponsoring his tenth Veterans Enrollment Clinic. He wants to spread the word to veterans that there are healthcare services out there.

"We have a number of veterans who are returning home and I'm not sure they fully understand all the benefits that they're entitled to. We want to make sure that they at least know," says LoBiondo.

And for the veterans that were not able to attend the clinic on Saturday...

"You don't have to wait for an enrollment clinic. They can call my office and we'll be happy to walk through the process and try and connect the dots for them," says LoBiondo.

Veterans we spoke with say they appreciate LoBiondo's efforts.

"Congressman LoBiondo has been a great crusader for us. He's our champion and he's always fighting," says veteran Marco Polo Smigliani.

LoBiondo says he will continue to fight. He plans to sponsor more clinics throughout the 2nd Congressional District.

"This is one of the most important things I can do as a member of Congress. Representing our veterans in this 2nd Congressional District," says LoBiondo.

"They should take care of us once we do our job in the service," says veteran James Spreng.

"They have been willing to sacrifice everything for the rest of us to live in a free country," says LoBiondo.

A sacrifice that will never be forgotten.

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