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Congressman Young on Newest Obamacare Delay


Location: Washington, DC

Alaskan Congressman Don Young today released this statement following the Administration's announcement to extend the enrollment period for Obamacare beyond the March 31, 2014 deadline.

"Once again bypassing Congress, this Administration has unilaterally chosen to extend the enrollment process beyond the March 31st deadline to hide even more flaws in a law that has forced millions to see their plans canceled, their access disappear, and premiums skyrocket. This is simply the newest attempt by the Administration to hide the heavy hand of a law millions of Americans have expressed discontent for and opposed. This delay is not at all surprising after a recent poll that shows to date only one third of all uninsured Americans have attempted to get coverage under Obamacare.

"Instead of delaying the enrollment deadline, President Obama and his allies in Congress should work with the House of Representatives to delay this onerous law for the millions of individual Americans for at least a year. The Administration has already delayed the penalty for big business, but opposes delaying penalties on individuals who are neither satisfied nor prepared for the financial burdens associated with the law.

"My colleagues and I have supported this type of commonsense reform by passing H.R. 2668, the Fairness for American Families Act, which would shield American households from Obamacare penalties for one year."

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