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Letter to Frank Grass, Chief of National Guard Bureau - Request for Assessment


Location: Juneau, AK

Dear General Grass,

I request the detailing of a CNGB Complex Investigation Program Investigator to investigate open
and closed investigations related to reports of sexual assault, rape, and fraud among members of the
Alaska National Guard. I request that you issue a detailed memorandum allowing the investigator to
act under my authority to gain access to State personnel and records to the extent allowed under
State law and regulation.

I am extremely proud of our Alaska National Guard members and their professionalism in carrying
out their duties. However, I remain deeply concerned by reports of sexual assaults and other
behavior creating a hostile environment and culture within portions of the Alaska National Guard.
Not only are individuals victimized and traumatized in these circumstances, but collectively our
National Guard is hanned - from morale to mission damage.

In recent years, Adjutant General Thomas Katkus has emphasized strong systems for reporting,
investigating, and tracking such cases; and he has raised awareness among Guard members to these
issues through "sensing" sessions. Infonnation I recently learned, however, compels me to write and
seek an outside look at our Alaska National Guard's training, reporting, investigations, and case
dispensation practices related to the areas I outlined above. Where a number of matters were
referred to civilian law enforcement who declined to investigate, I ask you to review those matters,
as well. In my estimation, the review should include the National Guard's command structure and its
responses to these cases, up to and including TAG.

I am willing to meet with your investigator, along with my Chief of Staff, Mike Nizich, in order to
assist in planning and conducting the investigation. I have directed my Chief of Staff to ensure your
investigator receives the full cooperation of State National Guard personnel. I have directed my
Attorney General, Michael Geraghty, to provide legal advice as necessary. When the investigation is
complete, I will make myself or my designee available for an Out-Brief with the investigator.
Your investigator will receive full cooperation from all units, guardsmen and women, and civilians
within the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs who are under my authority. If your
investigator receives resistance in regard to the investigation from any individual under my authority,
please have your investigator contact my Chief of Staff or my Deputy Chief of Staff, Cindy Sims.

Your investigator's point of contact is Chief of Staff Mike Nizich at 907-465-3500 or Deputy Chief
Cindy Sims at 907-269-7450. They will provide cell numbers once initial contact has been made.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Sean Parnell

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