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Governor Christie: Anybody Here Could Be Governor


Location: Belmar, NJ

It's a great story not because it's me, but because it could be anybody here. It could be anybody here. That's how great this state is. That somebody who came from a dad who went to school at night and worked at the Breyers Ice Cream plant and a mom who graduated from Westside High School and never went to college, that their son could be twice elected the Governor of the State of New Jersey. I know that my dad still has a hard time believing it, luckily he's still around and be 81 years old in three weeks. And he's getting to see this and I know that my mom would really be proud, not just of me, but of you. Because she would say, you gave him a chance. And if she were here what she'd say to me is, "Chris, they trusted you. They trusted you to give the most important job they can give through their vote in this state and what you owe them in return is your best effort and your honesty every day." And so when I do that I'm not only thinking about it because it's the obligation that I feel and hear, I'm thinking about it because I know that's what my mom would expect of me and what my dad does. And so yeah there are tough days sometimes and there are some days where I shake my head and wonder what the hell I was thinking about getting into this in the first place. But those days pass really quickly and what stays is the fact that you've trusted me enough to give me the chance to do this and I appreciate you giving me that chance. I'll continue to work as hard as I can every day I have this job to do it as best as I possibly can to try to give your kids and your grandkids a better shot like the one that I got.

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