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Preventing Government Waste and Protecting Coal Mining in America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


I appreciate my colleague yielding.

Mr. Chairman, I rise in strong support of the Preventing Government Waste and Protecting Coal Mining Jobs in America Act introduced by my colleague from Ohio.

Mr. Chairman, there is a war on coal by the Obama administration. It is being carried out every day throughout this country in many ways through rules and regulations imposed by radical agencies like the EPA, and so what we are doing here is pushing back and saying: Enough is enough. Stop killing jobs in America, Mr. President. Stop increasing energy costs for American families, hardworking taxpayers who are struggling in this bad economy.

The President continues to pursue this global warming agenda. It is snowing outside of the Capitol right now as we speak in support of this bill, and they are still talking about global warming and imposing more regulations that are killing--killing--American jobs.

If you look at the sue-and-settle process that has brought us to this point, that really is the reason behind legislation like the bill we are bringing up today. The sue-and-settle process that the Obama administration is using through agencies like the EPA, in this case, has resulted in 7,000 lost jobs and is wreaking havoc in 22 States. Just one rule.

This isn't a bill that was passed through Congress. The President loves bragging about he has got a pen and a phone, yet he is using Federal agencies, not law passed by the people's House, debated in the open public view. Behind closed doors, they are going and trying to impose these radical regulations that are killing jobs in America. The President is going to spend days and days on the campaign trail, a campaign trail that never ends. He never leads and governs. He runs around campaigning, and his latest mantra is to talk about unemployment benefits. Mr. Chairman, the best unemployment benefit is a good job.

The American people don't want to be getting unemployment checks from the Federal Government--they want jobs--and yet this administration, through its war on coal and so many other radical regulations, is killing jobs in America. Enough is enough. This legislation helps to undo the damage that President Obama's radical policies are wreaking through our economy.

Again, I commend my colleague from Ohio for bringing this legislation forward. I think we will see a very strong bipartisan vote in support of helping get jobs back in our economy.


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