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Congressman Cantor Discusses An America That Works And Conservative Solutions For Health Care With Larry Kudlow


Location: Washington, DC

Republicans Are For An America That Works:

"Right now there is an America under Obama's policies that is not working. We conservatives as Republicans are for an America that works. And the way we get there is through putting forth our conservative solutions as alternatives to the policies this President has been about that frankly have harmed job growth, put the middle class into a squeeze, and that have not responded to the need for upward mobility to those who are most vulnerable in our society, and frankly Obama's policies have provided a health care law that is not working. So we're for an America that works as conservatives, trying to pull government back, create more space for the private sector, for families, for communities to actually work so that we can see a better future."

Conservative Solutions Will Help Grow Wages:

"Larry, you and I share the passion for growth. And we are about a growing economy and a growing America for all. If you look at it right now, what's happened is most people in the country are wage earners, and most people have seen their wages become very stagnant if not decline of late. What we're trying to do is to promote policies that can grow paychecks. Not like the President who insists that we need Washington telling folks how much they should pay their employees. But instead take government out of the way of growing wages. The perfect example of that is ObamaCare's regulation that requires one to have a 30 hour work week not a 40 hour work week. If we could just undo that regulation and put back a 40 hour workweek, we could see a 25% increase in a wage-earners check. That's what we're talking about -- growing wages. We're against anything that harms job creation, and even the Congressional Budget Office says that regulation under ObamaCare is depressing wages, it also says that President Obama's suggestion of increasing the minimum wage can harm job creation. We don't want to harm job creation, we don't have enough jobs. We also want to grow the economy and grow wages. We do that by pulling government back, providing a sensible environment of regulation so we can see more growth in businesses, in families, in paychecks. That's the kind of future we envision as conservatives and as Republicans."

Our Energy Policies Will Help Working Families:

"It's not only pro-jobs, pro-growth from the macroeconomic standpoint, our energy policies, maximizing our indigenous resources, but it also can help that middle class squeeze right now, the families, who are facing some of the highest home heating bills that they've ever faced. How apropos is it for us to be pushing policies that actually expand our energy supplies, that hence push down home-heating costs, so that working, middle-class families can afford to pay the bills and continue to save for the future and invest for the future. So we're about these policies that, again, not only help the macro-growth prospect for the economy, but it also helps grow the kind of paycheck and income that working families have to be concerned with every month."

We Will Continue To Push Pro-Growth Economic Policies:

"We have a Republican position, we believe that the tax code is complicated, it gets in the way of capital flowing to its most efficient use. And we can do a lot more from a growth perspective. Chairman Dave Camp of the Ways and Means Committee has done a great job by putting together a discussion draft. It's complicated. There are a lot of tradeoffs involved, given the rules that we operate under here. And it's a discussion draft to bring in more comments, more discussion, so that we can see a better way forward for tax reform. We have a President in the White House and a Senate that doesn't agree. We want to continue to propose those kind of pro-growth economic policies, whether it's tax policy, regulatory policy, or healthcare. We are, as Republicans, committed to a better way in healthcare. To presenting an alternative path to a better healthcare that keeps down costs, that allows for greater access to providers. That also deals with the challenges of those with preexisting conditions. We can do all that in a better way that doesn't harm people's choice -- a patient centered path."

A Better Way Forward For Patient-Centered Health Care:

"There was an alternative that Republicans put forward back in 2009 when ObamaCare passed in the House. We also have several measures that have been proposed by some of our members in the House of Representatives. There's one in the Senate as well. We are going to get behind an alternative path to better health care that lowers costs, that increases patient choice, that is patient-centered, that allows for access to the doctors you want to see at a lower cost. This is our aim. And yes, we will put forward our better way of healthcare."

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