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Gov. Perry Helps Launch New Prescription Program

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Perry Helps Launch New Prescription Program

Texans Could Save Money, Improve Health With New Card

Gov. Rick Perry today helped launch a new program that will allow many Texans who have no prescription drug benefits to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year on their prescription medicines.

"Together Rx Access," a program sponsored by 10 pharmaceutical companies, makes prescription medication available at a discount of 25 to 40 percent. Enrollment in the program is limited to legal residents of Texas who are not eligible for Medicare, who have no public or private prescription drug benefits, and who have incomes below at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

"I encourage every Texan who needs prescription medication to treat diabetes, cancer, depression, allergies, arthritis or other conditions to find out if this free program can help them get the medicine that can improve their health and quality of life," Perry said.

Texans can log onto the program website at to determine if they are eligible to participate. Enrollment is free, and the process takes just a few minutes and can save low-income consumers on more than 275 brand-name prescription medications.

Perry noted that the program is an expansion of another initiative launched by many of these same pharmaceutical companies that has saved 1.5 million low-income seniors across the nation over $700 million since 2002.

"For a state like Texas where too few citizens have health insurance or prescription drug benefits, Together Rx Access can raise the quality of life for thousands of Texas families," Perry said. "The most alarming statistic about healthcare in Texas is not that we rank 18th in the nation for the percentage of children covered by Medicaid, but that we rank 46th for the percentage of children covered by employer-sponsored health insurance."

Perry noted that the state has taken several significant steps to help small employers afford health insurance plans for their employees and their families, including removing mandates that have lowered the cost of some plans by as much as 30 percent and making it easier for small businesses to pool together to get lower cost health plans.

"Until we can succeed in the goal of making healthcare affordable for every employer, programs like Together Rx Access are of vital importance and can help us fill the gap," Perry said.

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