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Blackburn Says No to Lax Immigration Legislation


Location: Washington, DC

The U.S. House voted today to pass the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004, S. 2845, by a vote of 336 to 75.

A long-time proponent of strengthening America's state and federal licensing laws and immigration regulations, Blackburn voted against the legislation citing its lack of provisions to better secure the nation's borders and identification procedures.

"On September 11th many of those who attacked us had violated our immigration laws - period," Blackburn said. "We cannot sufficiently address the problem of terrorism without addressing the ease with which those wishing us harm enter this country and acquire identification accepted as valid. In the past few years we have created a Homeland Security Department, beefed up our airline security, and taken the fight against terrorists to their homelands in the Middle East, but we absolutely cannot say we've done everything possible without drawing the line on illegal immigration and identification fraud. It is absurd to do everything but lock the doors, but without immigration reform that is exactly what we're doing."


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