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Governor Christie: I Hope For A Better New Jersey


Location: Unknown

Sofia Jimenez: Hi, I'm Sofia Jimenez from North Brunswick. Where do you think New Jersey will be in ten years?

Governor Christie: What I hope is that we'll be better than we are today. You don't run for this job and do the things you have to do to be in this job if you're not optimistic because I have to hope for a better future. This is where I want my children to raise their children because this is where I intend to be. So I'd like to see my grandchildren if I have them someday. And I want them to be able to afford to live here and want to live here because they think their kids can get a good education and they have a good future and that they like being here. And all that matters to me personally. So what I hope for is a better New Jersey in ten years than we have right now. I'm going to do everything I can during the time I have left as Governor to make that happen, to do my part, to work with the other elected officials who are here and citizen groups to do their part. And then I'm going to hand it off to you, Sofia. Going to hand it off to you and to people your age to say: okay, I've done the best I can, and you'll look back on it and some things you'll say he did well and some things you'll say I don't agree with what he did and I'm going to change them if I ever get the chance. But one thing that I can promise you is I'll do the very best I can. And every day I try as hard as I can to do the best I can. And I hope that you'll do the same thing. Because if you do, then New Jersey has a chance to be better ten years from now than it is right now. So thanks for the question.

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