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Governor Christie: The War On Drugs Hasn't Worked


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Governor Christie: The people who started the war on drugs thirty years ago were well-intentioned, and they had an idea, but we've now tried the idea for thirty plus years and it hasn't worked. And so, you know, we can't keep doing the same thing and think it's going to change all of a sudden. We got to try something different. I was on the board of an impatient adolescent drug rehabilitation facility in my home county for years before I became U.S. Attorney. I watched miracles happen. I watched children come in drug addicted to heroin, to cocaine, to PCP, to alcohol. And I watched over a year period of time those young people reclaim their lives. And every one of those lives reclaimed is a benefit to us as a society and a benefit to that family that person goes back to. So, I believe strongly in this. And I'm putting our money where our mouth is on this and we're going to continue. We don't have it anywhere near fixed yet, but in New Jersey we're changing it. We're changing the attitude to say -- we're not going to lock them up and throw away the key, because guess what they're coming back. And when they do, I want them to come back as a more whole person and not as somebody who is just not going to be able to deal with these things in their lives. So, thank you for bringing that up.

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