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Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Cases

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. LOFGREN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to express my concerns about two cases being argued before the Supreme Court this month, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius. I am a strong supporter of our Constitution, which allows for religious liberty, but religious liberty does not include the right to impose your own religious beliefs on others. If Hobby Lobby CEO David Green opposes birth control, he's entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to impose his beliefs on others by deliberatively refusing contraceptive coverage for his female employees. This coverage makes a difference, especially for women working in entry level positions that too often leave them below the poverty line. Women need to be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health care without interference from their bosses. It is their right, and it should not be trampled upon.

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