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Lummis votes for legislation that eliminates penalties for individuals without insurance.


Location: Washington, DC

Today U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis joined a bi-partisan majority of her House colleagues, 250-160, to stem the tide of the Obamacare impact by passing H.R. 4118: the Suspending the Individual Mandate Penalty Law Equals (SIMPLE) Fairness Act. The SIMPLE Fairness Act eliminates the Obamacare penalty for 2014 that would be imposed on any individual who is not covered with health insurance by the end of the year.

"The President continues to unilaterally and illegally pick winners and losers under Obamacare," said Rep. Lummis. "He has told businesses he will not enforce the law on them but leaves the individual mandate in place, affecting millions of individual Americans. This is why we passed the SIMPLE Fairness Act to curtail the 2014 federal penalty for individuals who are not covered with health insurance. It is simple fairness to give individual Americans the time and relief that the President has said he intends to give to American businesses. Repealing this train-wreck remains the goal, but we need to lessen Obamacare's blow to Wyomingites and all Americans wherever possible."

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