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State Must Restructure Government in Order to Become Competitive

Location: Columbia, SC


Gov. Mark Sanford today brought a horse and buggy to the Statehouse to demonstrate how our state's out-of-date government structure holds us back on the accountability, administrative efficiency and health care fronts - and to highlight his proposals to move South Carolina forward.

"We have a system of government in this state that to a large extent is still stuck in 1895," Gov. Sanford said. "It was Gov. Carroll Campbell who coined the term 'horse-and-buggy government,' and in 1993 he took the first steps toward fixing that structure to make it more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers. More than a decade later, though - despite the best efforts of this administration - hardly any additional steps have been taken. And while we've delayed, the Internet and globalization have only increased the urgency for us to act."

"Failure to restructure government, failure to bring horse-and-buggy government into the space age, will perpetuate a system that answers to nobody, listens to nobody and serves nobody other than its own special interest," Gov. Campbell said in his second Inaugural Address (January 9, 1991).

Gov. Sanford's restructuring proposals would a) consolidate South Carolina's fragmented health care delivery system, b) consolidate much of the administrative accountability currently vested in the Budget & Control Board and numerous boards and commissions into the Governor's Cabinet and c) allow voters to select whether the Constitutional Offices of Superintendent of Education, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Agriculture and Adjutant General should continue to be independently-elected or appointed by future governors, as well as whether or not the governor and lieutenant governor should run on a ticket (none of these Constitutional changes would take effect until 2011). Government restructuring is one of Gov. Sanford's five "Contract for Change" items with the people of South Carolina.

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