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Pallone Objects to Certification of Ohio Electoral Votes in Presidential Election

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January 6, 2004

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) today objected to the certification of Ohio's Electoral Votes in the 2004 Presidential Election. While the New Jersey congressman does not dispute that President Bush won the 2004 Presidential, he voiced concern today over numerous voting irregularities that showed up in Ohio and in other states, and how important it is that Congress solve the problems discovered in 2004 better than it did after the 2000 election. Pallone issued the following statement after objecting to the certification.

"After the 2000 Presidential Election we knew we had to make changes in our elections system so American voters could be confidant that their vote would be registered and counted. The 2000 election taught us that many of our election machines were outdated, and unfortunately, some of our election officials served their political party over the voter who should have the right to vote on Election Day.

"Four years later, it's apparent that the irregularities of the 2000 election have not been rectified to the satisfaction of those voters who too often are disenfranchised by the faults in our voting system. There can be no argument to dismiss the failure of the voting system. There can be no excuse for not keeping up the pressure to fix these problems. The work started three years ago, through the creation of the Help America Vote Act, must move forward."

"In a time in our nations history when our government spends hundreds of billions of dollars on interests around the world and science has reduced the size of the common computer to fit in the palm of a hand, it's unacceptable that our government cannot provide the money or the technology to make the most simple, most straightforward, and most fundamental aspect of our own Democracy work in a way that is fair to every American citizen?"

"Never should citizens in a democracy be refused the right to vote, nor should they be made to wait ridiculous amounts of time to cast their ballots. Today, I urge both this Congress and the states to once again examine our voting systems so that these problems are solved by the next election."

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