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Statement on Metro-Norths 100 Day Action Plan for Connecticut


Location: Hartford, CT

Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement on Metro-North Railroad's 100-day improvement strategy for Connecticut. Yesterday, Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti delivered a letter to Commissioner James Redeker outlining his commitment to immediate improvements at Metro-North and his promise to provide final details on scope, schedule and budget actions in a 100-day plan once the findings of the FRA "Deep Dive" initiative are announced.

"I appreciate the candid assessment of the challenges facing Metro-North and Mr. Giulietti's professionalism and commitment, but I am disappointed that the letter did not provide more specifics. I understand the constraints that Metro-North faces because of the FRA investigation, and while the letter is certainly a roadmap to better and safer service, riders need to know that there is a plan with benchmarks and deadlines in place.

"I am holding Metro-North and the MTA to their commitment to implement their 100-day plan by June 11, the promised target date for improvement initiatives, and I fully expect many actions to be completed in advance of that date."

Commissioner James Redeker urged the FRA to move quickly to release the recommendations of their investigation so that Metro-North can begin to provide greater detail on how they will improve both the safety and service that riders expect. In addition, he has been working directly with Mr. Giulietti to develop specific recommendations relating to Metro-North safety, infrastructure, service, reliability, customer service and communication.

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