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Issue Position: The Economy and Job Creation

Issue Position

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Marsha Blackburn believes that free markets are the best markets. She knows that the Federal Government cannot intervene in the market without fault. The surest path to American economic growth is through small, limited government that controls spending, promotes growth, and does not overburden its citizens with taxes.

Congressman Blackburn knows much of the current economic crisis is ultimately a result of the Government's over intervention in the economy- forcing banks and homeowners into ill advised mortgages. That's why she voted against the Wall Street Bailout and the Stimulus. Expanding the national debt and nationalizing a significant portion of the banking industry is unlikely to foster a healthy economy in the long term.

Marsha Blackburn works every day to foster the economic growth in Tennessee. Her work on behalf of everyone from the creative communities in Memphis and Nashville to farmers across the 7th District has resulted in significant steps forward for Tennesseans.

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