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Governor Christie: I Wish I Had A Magic Wand And A Checkbook


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Governor Christie: While the number gets thrown around all the time that there was $50 billion in aid approved, and there was, at the end of the day New Jersey will probably only see somewhere between ten and fifteen billion dollars of the money. Now when you know that the number that we submitted to the federal government in terms of damages to our state was $37 billion, you all can do the math. You've got $37 billion worth of damages, you're going to get ten to fifteen billion dollars in aid, that means that some really difficult decisions have to be made and some folks who have been damaged are not going to get money from the federal government. We've said that all along, and now that's coming home to roost in a significant way. But What I tell you is we continue every day to fight to get more of a share of that money that we can. We are sharing it with New York City, New York State, and because the way Congress wrote the bill, every state that's had a natural disaster in the last few years, or that's had a natural disaster since Sandy. Like the folks in Colorado that we recall later last year. SO, we are sharing that money with lots of different folks. Those are the realities of it. I said to a woman at a town hall a couple weeks ago, that I wish I had a magic wand and a checkbook to be able to handle both of these things. I have neither. They don't issue magic wands to Governors, I wish they did. And they don't give us the checkbook. The federal government keeps the checkbook and they put all these different regulations in place that you have to follow or else you don't get the federal money and these things are incredibly frustrating.

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