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Governor Christie: Federal Government Has Been Incredibly Frustrating


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Richard From Bay Head: A quickie. I've had flood insurance since it started -- I've lived in my house for 43 years and never had a problem until Sandy. And basically I got paid a portion, but every time I get anything from my Allstate agent, which is FEMA, you get jerked around. They've asked for ridiculous things. First of all, we need an architect to come by -- how much is it going to cost to repair your house and raise it? $684,000. The house is a ranch, a 123 feet long, you just can't raise a ranch house. And things liked that.

Governor Christie: We've got to get the federal government to change its way and this is why you all should be scared of government getting bigger and bigger. The bigger government gets and the more it takes over, and when it takes it over by itself, we've got no place to go. There's no competition. It's not like another company's going to come in and start writing flood insurance and say, "Hey, look how much better I can deal with it." The federal government's taking the whole thing over and it is incredibly frustrating and, for me, angering to people, who has you said, paid premiums for years and years and years and years and now are being shortchanged. And treated without respect either and it's just not right.

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