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Issue Position: Jobs & the Economy

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There is no disagreement that the most important issues facing all Americans today are the lack of jobs and the struggling economy. If you are still looking for a job, or have settled on part-time work until the job market improves, you are not alone. About 10% (one in ten) of those living in Los Angeles County are unemployed or underemployed. This number does not include all those who have retired early or who have given-up looking for work. College graduates are especially hard hit; they are educated and ready to apply their knowledge with nowhere to go.

Despite the current mindset of some in the federal government, it is clear "government" is not the solution to creating new jobs. Small businesses, not large corporations, create the vast majority of jobs. Yet small businesses are reluctant to hire new workers because of economic uncertainty. This economic uncertainty comes from frequent changes in the health care regulations, delays in immigration reform, short-term debt ceilings and the lack of sustainable revenue.

Without a long-term commitment from Congress, small businesses are unable to accurately predict their tax liabilities for 2014 and beyond. Businesses and consumers continue to take a "wait and see" attitude, delaying hiring and postponing purchases.

We are a nation with a "can-do" spirit; we just want to be able to make plans for the future. It is essential that Washington act quickly to eliminate the causes of economic uncertainty and create policies and regulations that extend beyond the next election. Congress needs to establish a balanced budget, a long-term tax revenue plan, reduce rules and regulations, and build a working relationship with businesses that encourages people to turn their dreams into realities. Businesses and consumers need to have the assurance that the government has a long-term plan for security and stability, and this will only come with leadership, not politics.

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