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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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Strengthening our economy and creating jobs is Congressman Pallone's foremost priority in Congress. As a result of the economic recession, millions of people across the country and in the sixth district are out of work and in search of employment.

Congressman Pallone is fighting in Congress for a comprehensive jobs plan that will get more Americans back to work. Through the Democrats' "Make It in America" agenda, developing a clean energy economy, investing in innovation and education and a fairer tax system Congressman Pallone believes we can grow the American economy and restore the American dream for all.

Supporting job creators

Congressman Pallone supports the Democrats' "Make it in America' agenda, which does more to encourage businesses to make products in the U.S. and supports investments in important areas like education and clean energy innovation. Manufacturing has been a bright spot in the American economy and these investments will create good jobs at home and support a strong Middle Class. More about Make it in America.

Fair Budget and Tax System:

Congressman Pallone supports the Buffett Rule, which is the basic principal that no household making over $1 million annually should pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than Middle Class families pay. Making sure all Americans do their part will help restore and grow our economy, and end unfair tax breaks that shield the wealthiest Americans from paying their fair share while the tax burden lands on the Middle Class.

Investing in Education and Training Opportunities:

Congressman Pallone advocates for strong federal investment in education assistance to keep college affordable for all Americans. To compete in the 21st century the US must invest in providing citizens with the skills they will need to succeed in this economy.

Investing in American Infrastructure:

Congressman Pallone voted for a two-year comprehensive transportation reauthorization bill to upgrade America's infrastructure and put Americans back to work. The transportation jobs bill enables mass transit and bridge-and-road construction projects, and creates or saves 3 million jobs, including 54,000 in New Jersey. It was signed into law by President Obama.

Congressman Pallone voted for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protect Act to reform the financial industry in order to preempt another crisis and protect American families. The legislation aims to restore responsibility and accountability in our financial system, ends too big too fail bank bailouts, creates an independent consumer financial protection watchdog and increases transparency and accountability to protect investors.

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