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Obamacare is Off the Mark

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HUIZENGA of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, if you thought the Obama administration's rollout of was bad, believe it or not, it got worse for another section of our citizens.

Back in Michigan, the Second District is home to a higher number of Latino citizens than any other congressional district in the State of Michigan; and like thousands of other residents across Michigan, Hispanic Michiganians are forced to deal with higher costs, the potential loss of their doctor, and canceled insurance policies all because of ObamaCare. These citizens are in need of the same information that we are all in search of.

Well, after being delayed for more than 2 months, the administration finally unveiled its Spanish language Web site,, that contained an embarrassing amount of Spanglish. Even I couldn't come up with that much Spanglish.

Frankly, it is insulting that the administration would simply make up words, rather than provide an accurate translation of the President's signature achievement.

One friend made the humorous observation that it is just as bad in Spanish as it is in English, and nobody can work with it in Spanish either.

Well, Latinos are more adversely impacted in many ways by soaring premiums because the median age of the Hispanic population is actually 10 years younger than the national average; therefore, they are seeing these premiums soar, as it shifts those costs to younger Americans.

It is predicted that younger citizens are the very folks who are needed to sign up for this program in order to make it actuarially sound, but these are the same folks who are not doing so right now.

The focus of the debate, instead, needs to be on patient-centered solutions that not only lower costs, but deliver high-quality care to more citizens, none of which, unfortunately, ObamaCare actually does. I believe it is time to repeal and replace this failed policy.

You know, Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have led with numerous options, such as the Patient OPTION Act, as Dr. Broun was just talking about; Dr. Price of Georgia; Dr. Benishek of my home State of Michigan; the Republican Study Committee plan--a number of plans are out there that have been proposed that I think would be a far better solution to those things that we can all agree on: having greater access for more people at a lower cost.

But I think one thing we can all agree on in any language is that ObamaCare is off the mark.

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