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Governor Christie: New Jerseyans Are A Really, Really Funny People


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Governor Christie: Now, I found it interesting yesterday because, you know, I tried to be a nice guy yesterday, right? I didn't do any yelling and screaming at the Legislature like I sometimes do. I didn't say here are my ideas that we must do, and if we don't do them I will veto anything else. No, I've been acting in the way that I've tried to act for all four years when dealing with the Legislature, which is to try to come up with bipartisan solutions. See, New Jerseyans are a really, really funny people. They elected now twice a conservative Republican governor and at the very same time elected a liberal Democratic legislature, because you people just like to be entertained, right? Let's see how this works. It's like, you know, your thirteen-year-old son with the science experiment in the basement. Let's mix these things together and see what happens, right? So I think it's my job as Governor to make sure that I try to make it work and not explode. So yesterday I said listen, here are the problems. They're undeniable. I'm ready to work with you to try to come up with the solutions but we need to come up with more solutions.

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