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Leader Cantor: House Acting This Week to Stop Government Abuse


Location: Washington, DC

"House Republicans remain committed to working to build an America that works for everybody. But America right now is not working. When senior citizens are losing access to their doctors and the kind of coverage that they were promised they can keep, America is not working. When the Administration is actively working to silence the free speech of those who question their policies -- when that happens, America is not working. When government overreach is costing middle class families jobs, wages, and privacy, America is not working.

"Last week, the Obama Administration moved ahead with new rules under ObamaCare which will cause our seniors to lose access to the Medicare Advantage plans they want, the benefits they need, and the doctors they trust. Seniors should not have to worry that they can no longer can access this care because of ObamaCare. It's time to put an end to this unnecessary harm that the law is causing.

"For those who oppose or support ObamaCare, the ability for them to speak for or against it should be protected. Yet, the Obama Administration is moving forward with rules crafted by bureaucrats to silence opposing speech and criticism. Frankly, that is the hallmark of authoritarian nations, not the United States of America. Whether you disagree with the President or agree with him, your free speech should be protected in America. The House will act to ensure that all organizations on all sides of an issue can continue to educate citizens, register voters, and promote the common good.

"Throughout this week, we will continue to reign in government where it is hurting America's families. Whether by simply allowing you to unlock your cell phone or stopping the IRS from targeting you, we are going to work to get the government off of people's backs. We will pass a number of measures that stop wasteful spending, roll back red tape and regulations that are harming job growth, and promote transparency and accountability to this government to protect all Americans."

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