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Governor Christie: We Must Create An Attitude Of Choice


Location: Unknown

As this budget clearly reflects, our choices in the future are not going to get easier everybody. They're going to get harder. We cannot be like prior leaders and ignore the long-term implications of our spending and taxing decisions. We need to understand the impact of our decisions are great, and we need to find a path to a better future that New Jerseyans expect and deserve. To do that, we must do what I talked about in the state of the state address: We must create an attitude of choice. Due to these exploding entitlement costs, we are failing our taxpayers when we refuse to honestly address these problems, and we try to fool them into believing that choices do not need to be made. We are better than that. New Jersey is definitely better than that. As Ghandi once said "the future depends on what you do today." Now, Ghandi was a visionary. And while you wouldn't think of him as a budget expert, he was right about this, too: If we want a better future tomorrow, we must act today. We must make good choices now. And we must make certain sacrifices.

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