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Governor Christie: Choose To Do What Is Right


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This is not only a budget issue, or a policy issue. I firmly believe this is a moral issue to our people. So I ask you to join me in choosing. Choosing to do what is hard. Choosing to do what others will actively try to stop us from doing. Choosing to do what is right by all of the people of this state. Let our attitude of choice not be selfish and self-interested and backward-looking, but generous to future generations and aimed at building the better New Jersey that we all want in the years ahead and that I would argue to you by the privilege of sitting in these seats, that we have an obligation to do for the people who sent us here. The time is over for happy songs. The time is over for ignoring and for not confronting the problems that so clearly face us. We've laid it out clearly in this budget but if we do not confront it boldly and directly soon, you will be left with very difficult choices that no one in this room will want to make. I will not be a part of that capitulation and given the people in this room that I've gotten to know over the last five years, in my heart I don't believe for political expediency that you will be either. This is the goal we need to reach for the citizens of our state and this is the goal that I will dedicate myself to in the remaining years of my governorship. So thank you for being here. God bless you, and God bless the great state of New Jersey.

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