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Governor O'Malley Releases Statement on Maryland's Triple AAA Bond Rating Retention


Location: Annapolis, MD

Governor O'Malley today issued the following statement in response to Maryland's Triple AAA bond rating retention from all three major ratings agencies:

"The top bond rating agencies reaffirmed Maryland's AAA bond rating, once again showing that our fiscally-responsible approach to governing is working."

"Since 2007, together we've cut over $9 billion in spending, shrank the executive branch to the smallest per capita levels since the 1970s, and put our state on the verge of eliminating the $1.7 billion structural deficit we inherited."

"We've done all this while investing record amounts in schools, which has led to the #1 rated public schools in America. We've invested in college affordability, and the College Board says we've done more than any other state to hold down the cost of college tuition. We've invested in public safety, and, together with law enforcement, we've driven down violent crime to 30 year lows."

"Our better choices have led to better results. And today, Maryland has secured its position as one of only ten states to hold the Triple AAA rating from all three rating agencies, and one of only seven states to maintain that rating through the Great Recession."

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