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Senate Approves Unlimited Debt, No Strings Attached


Location: Washington, DC

The Senate agreed with the House and voted today to allow the Administration to ignore the limit on how much more debt our country can pile up until March 15 of next year. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., voted against suspending the debt limit.

"Allowing more debt until Congress has the time, inclination or willpower to fix the spending problem results in one thing - more debt. This follows a long pattern of irresponsibility driven by the desire to avoid unpopular political votes," Enzi said. "This measure contained no reductions or changes to long term spending or any type of measure to get the country back on a fiscally sustainable long-term path. Increasing the debt limit with no strings attached eliminates the incentive to prioritize our country's spending and backs us toward bankruptcy. Spending cuts are unpopular. As elected leaders, we all get intense and frequent educations on how they affect people, but we cannot sustain this level of spending."

President Obama is expected to sign the measure soon.

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