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Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users

Location: Washington, DC

TRANSPORTATION EQUITY ACT: A LEGACY FOR USERS -- (House of Representatives - March 10, 2005)


Mr. LoBIONDO. Mr. Chairman, I would like to thank the gentleman from New Jersey (Mr. Pascrell) who has worked very hard on this issue and I have joined with him. I appreciate the work that he has done.

Let me say in starting that the vast majority of contractors in my State, in the State of New Jersey, are hardworking, ethical people who do good work and do the right thing. The real problem we have in New Jersey is that some public officials more interested in helping themselves than working to improve transportation infrastructure in the State have influenced the situation.

The good news is that Trenton is finally trying to do something about it. The legislature has enacted reforms, as the gentleman from New Jersey (Mr. Pascrell) has discussed on this particular issue. I wish the State had provided the Federal Highway Authority with the cost savings they say exist, as I understand that that may have solved the problem and we maybe would not have had to do this today. Unfortunately, that is in the past; and we have to deal with the situation as it is.

I am strongly supporting this amendment and will join with the gentleman from New Jersey (Mr. Pascrell) in voting for this amendment, because New Jersey desperately needs every penny of Federal highway and transit dollars and should not be penalized for trying to do the right thing. That is what it is all about: New Jersey is trying to do the right thing.


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