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ICYMI: Roskam Reacts to State of the Union on Fox 32 Chicago


Location: Washington, DC

Republican Vision Focused On Expanding Opportunity For Everyone

"Number one is economic growth --how do you create an economy that is growing and vibrant again so that there are middle class jobs and an expanding opportunity for all people. Essentially, the president is kind of making an argument that says, let's figure out how to divide up a shrinking pie, and Republicans by contrast say, how do we make that pie expand for everyone?"

Instead of Flawed Healthcare Law, GOP Forwarding Quality, Affordable Healthcare Solutions

"The other thing is to put out more thoughtful alternatives as it relates to the healthcare law. We are a nation that has agreed that health care has been too expensive, and we need to deal with preexisting conditions. The new healthcare law is failing, and underperforming for all kinds of reasons. There are thoughtful alternatives that need to be a part of the mix and the debate. I think that those are choices that are attractive to the American public and will be exonerated, essentially, this November."

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