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Roskam Talks GOP Obamacare Alternatives on FOX News


Location: Washington, DC

Under Republican Healthcare Solutions, Insurance Companies Compete for Your Business

"The House is focusing in on a solutions that try to reconnect patients and physicians, and gets bureaucrats out. So what does that look like? One of the things we need to do is break down the artificial barriers that prohibit competition for health insurance companies within states. You know how you're able to buy auto insurance or homeowner's insurance across the country? You can't do that on health coverage. Let's change the law so that you can, so that health insurers are competing and pitching for business as opposed to being able to dominate a marketplace."

GOP Healthcare Reforms Actually Lower Individual and Family's Healthcare Costs

"Getting back to how it is that you actually lower health care cost, another area is improve what's known as defensive medicine. Right now physicians are in a situation where they are going to order more tests because of a possibility of lawsuits that are frivolous. And it drives costs up. Let's instead look at how to reframe and recalibrate our medical liability laws so they make more sense and get healthier outcomes but don't just order tests that are unnecessary. [Other GOP solutions include] expanding what are known as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). In other words, tax-free savings that allow folks to control their own health spending."

Americans are Disenchanted with Obamacare's Disastrous Rollout and Broken Promises

"I think what's happening is most folks who gave the president the benefit of the doubt on the health care discussion are now completely over it and have turned the page. They want much more thoughtful solutions and that's what House Republicans are all about."

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