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Johanns: Latest Obamacare Delay Further Proof the Law is Unworkable


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) made the following statement after the Administration announced it would delay another Obamacare mandate:

"It seems the President has delayed or granted waivers for just about everything in this law except the higher premiums and dropped coverage Americans families are facing," Johanns said. "If the President wants to live up to his State of the Union pledge to help the middle class, he should quit delaying the inevitable and admit the law is unworkable. Further delay only extends that pain.

"Republicans have put forward ideas to lower health care costs for every American. It's time to start working together on a real solution so hard-working families get the care they deserve."

The Administration's unilateral move delays the employer mandate for businesses with 50 to 99 employees another year, to 2016. The Administration previously delayed the employer mandate for all businesses a year, to 2015.

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